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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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The music video : Ikumabo – Jackie Chandiru

You don’t have to know the meaning of Ikumabo to get enthralled by this music video. May be Ikumabo is a synonym for Caleb Alaka, may be, it’s a river in West Nile, it all doesn’t matter. The visual artistry at work speaks for itself.  May be, it’s the full force with which Jackie Chandiru comes on, in this video. May be it’s the ear-splitting audio. Perhaps, it’s a combination of the two forces of dynamism. Jackie’s energy in this music video is a prime model of individuality that is lacking for many Ugandan artistes. She owns the moment, without trying too hard, without drowning out the dancers in this video.
The well-choreographed dances speak for themselves. I guess, these female dancers radiate this feminist energy. They express a kind of freedom that makes an average viewer relate to their performance in this video. This is a video that is not to be enjoyed while seated; it’s one to be enjoyed while one is moving a foot or two on the dance-floor. You can mute it, and you will still get the same emotions evoked.
The choice of the location, the background, the colour and lighting is one that deserves a standing ovation. Having a run-down building, with vegetation growing on the walls, and the dark misty clouds all fuse into a great symbolism. This symbolism is one of polar opposites of energies, where we have the white and the black fusing to give us the story in Ikumabo.
The only flaw in this music video is the choice of attires. Had it not been for her energy, the attire would have drowned her. The attire is heart-breaking, one to be worn to a funeral of one’s cat. And those weird leg openings may scare a few conservative Baganda.

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