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The movie : Barbie in Princess Power

Starring: Voices of Kelly Sheridan, Britt Irvin, Michael Kopsa
Director: Zeke Norton
Genre: Animation
Running Time: I hour 14 minutes
Now Showing at Cinema Magic at Metroplex Mall, Naalya and Century Cinemax, Acacia Mall, Kisementi

Barbie, the virtual actress is back, this time as Princess Kara. Kara is modern-day princess with a life like yours and mine, or at least a younger, more fashionable version of it. And because this is a movie meant to delight little girls, Kara gets superpowers when a magical butterfly kisses her, transforming her into Super Sparkle.
She uses her powers for good of course, saving kittens and whoever else is in trouble, with some pretty cute sidekicks.
But what would a little girl’s life be without that jealous person in their life. In Kara’s, it is her cousin Corrine, who looks for the butterfly so that she, too, can have superpowers. She succeeds and becomes Dark Sparkle. Kara and Corrine have feuds in the skies until someone tries to destroy the kingdom. Now the two must decide on whether they can be friends and fight the enemy or go against it on their own.
Now, before you roll your eyes because you believe this movie is too childish to be in Sqoop, think about that child –daughter, sibling, cousin or their friends you promised to take for a movie when the term had just closed. This is their last weekend before school opens.
Besides, this is an interesting one for any fan of the Barbie film series. The series are based on the doll, who is so popular that she gets to star in her own movies, sometimes as herself and others, as is the case with Barbie in Princess Power, as someone else. Part of what makes these movies popular, besides the music and fashion is that there is always a lesson for the children to learn.

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