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The track : Abeyo – Abeyo – Benezeri ft Santana and Glen Flame

track2A common English adage states that two heads are better than one. However, one has to take note what heads are joined together. To be specific Uganda’s up and coming artistes should take this seriously and forget about experimenting. Artistes should look for an artiste with whom they have good artistic chemistry. Benezeri had a great 2013 and so did Santana producing songs that put them on the map thanks to Zukuka and Nembyelabira respectively.  This does not mean when they produce a song together it will be a hit. Well, the two rappers together with reggae artiste Glen Fame known for Santana’s choruses and background vocals recently released Abeyo.
Abeyo in English simply means those people. On this track, they sing to disprove naysayers that they are in the industry to stay, that they sing for their fans but people who are not their fans should also enjoy what they doing. Once one listens to the song, the instrumentals direct this song to the club. They are quite danceable beats that sync well with the verses. Benezeri sings the first and third verse talking about his history and how his background guarantees progress. Santana on the second verse raps to the haters telling them to back off since they are above that while Glen Fame sticks to what he does well, the chorus. Santana is known for his comical verses while Benezeri is fond of music with messages affecting society. In this song nothing like these stereotypes manifests. It’s something new that doesn’t attract a listeners attention but works well on a DJ’s playlist.

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