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the music video : MBULIRA – OBSESSIONS

ObsessionsOnce in a blue moon, you watch a Ugandan video that brings back past memories and sets your expectations so high. That music video is Mbulira by Obsessions. One, it stiches memories of the former obsessions and Destiny’s Child and serves them lukewarm on my plate.
As you watch this music video, you can’t help but keep comparing the trio to Destiny’s Child. The only question is, do they have what it takes to do even better than the Obsessions they are replacing? To captivate us with the visual charm and magnetism that the original Obsessions had?
Mbulira doesn’t seem to bring these new girls out of their shell as one would have wished. The body language reads “artificial” and “nervous” all the way, which is expected for newbie screen shyness.
However, you will love the effort that goes into making this video worth your time. The long angelic dresses adorned by these girls evoke memories of virtuous souls, unblemished and superbly cultured stars. Neither did they go wrong with their choice of weaves; it simply complemented the whole look.
Speaking of backgrounds, the choice of a blue background was on-point; seeing that the lighting at this point was well-controlled to make it seem as If the trio were some winged creatures from heaven.  This time round, I appreciated the use of the smoke-effect in a Ugandan music video. It creates an atmosphere of the clouds and the blue skies.
The next phase of the contemporary background of multi-colours helps in bringing clarity to the faces of these girls aided by the close-up shots. Will the New Obsessions keep up to these standards? Please tell me (mbulira).

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