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Gadget : Kindle Voyage

The amazon kindle is the latest e-reader that promises to be the best ever made with a high resolution 300 pixels per inch display

The good
Characterised with sharp display, this gadget is kind on the eye and can rival actual paper quality while its front lights adapt to ones surroundings to give the user the best lighting possible whether one is reading in the middle of the day or late at night.
The voyage is smaller than its predecessor the paperwhite. It’s thinner with slim bezel that lets one focus on what they are reading. Amazon also added a trick to the voyage, a user will find a line and a dot on the side of each bezel. Give the line a squeeze; one will feel a vibration and the page will turn while squeezing the dot will go backwards.
The voyage also has an x-ray option that gives a reader more info about the books they are reading and word look up is faster too.

The bad
This reading luxury comes with a hefty price of Shs500,000 but does give one the value for that money for all the reading software that is missing in this device like the read it later app that other rival e-readers have.

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