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App : Neuronation – brian training

If one is going to stock his smart phone with a load of game apps, it wouldn’t hurt to add a few that would exercise one’s brain too. Neuronation brain training is the app to go for. This is a set of brain training games meant to challenge one’s brain and have fun while improving one’s attention, numerical, visual perception and language skills through practice.
One should not be fooled that brain training games increase IQ but they help one to stay sharp and improve speed at various tasks through practice. Included in this app are mini games like calculator, restorer and word scramble. The Calculator game tests one’s numerical mental agility in a fun an exciting way.
Word scramble tests one’s vocabulary and memory, among others. This app also has the sharing option where users can share their high scores on Facebook, Twitter and check their world rank. Progress is tracked by one’s scores and achievements.   Adding this to one’s apps list would not only get one smarter but also have fun at it.

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