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The track : Kankunganye – Radio and Weasel ft Mun G

radioI don’t really think Uganda is about to get enough of Goodlyfe musice, because just when one of their songs is fading away, they hit back with a banger. Off their latest album “Neera neera” that was launched last Friday is Kankunganye, a song that rapper MunG features on. Kankunganye means to collect in English. And indeed, these boys must have surely collected hefty dimes from their concert. Produced by Nash Wonder, one of Uganda’s freshest producers, the song starts with MunG and Weasel doing their thing, before Radio sings the chorus. The chorus is the highlight of this track since its something that will get every listener singing along. Radio sings: “let me collect money and we spend it but just pray for me…..” MunG does the first verse, in his comic signature rap, spitting lines on how most down town folks tell stories of how they would use money if they got it. For example, he talks about taking his child to Harvard, among other things. Radio bridges Mun G and Weasel’s verses with a dynamic verse that if one listens to critically, they will witness a switch of instrumentals from kidandali to reggae, a common thing with Nigerian music. Weasel climaxes this track with his echoed voice. Apart from giving listening pleasure, this song is good on the dance floor too.

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