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The music video : Onsanula – Spice Diana

I expected much more from Crate Make as far as this video is concerned. Perhaps it was shot before the song became a hit on the airwaves. Even then, that’s no excuse for serving us a poorly thought-out storyline that is very monotonous and basically boring. In fact, there doesn’t seem to have been a storyline in the first place. If having Spice Diana lying on her bed while admiring this one guy who’s admiring his looks in the mirror is a plot, then we still have a lot of work to do as far as music videos are concerned.
As the video progresses, it comes to that point where Spice is seated cross-legged, and that’s where all the ineptness at lighting is exposed. There’s that bright light in the background that just blinds the viewer’s eyes as well as kills the shots at this point. I understand they were trying to brighten the night scenes, but you don’t brighten at the expense of the shots. The lights ended up reflecting on Spice’s glasses.
And then who cuts out full shots in half? If you really want to do close-up shots of the singer, then don’t cut the close up shot of her head in halves. Do a full close-up shot. I find this video a total disaster, very sub-standard and worth re-doing. Not even Spice Diana’s eyes or the poorly choreographed dance strokes are able to save this music video. The other surprising thing is why Ugandan music video producers think that any song that’s to do with a woman madly in love should be shot in a bedroom set-up.
By the way, please don’t watch this video if you are turned off by haggish weaves and costumes. This video stole three minutes of my life for no reason.

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