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The dvd : Walking on the Sun

Musicals are fun to watch, especially when you know most of the songs in them. It is why series like Glee are popular. It is for the same reason that Walking in Sunshine is enjoyable and fun to watch. It has popular ballads from the 1980 like Madonna’s Holiday, Whitney Houston’s How Will I know, The Human League’s The Power of Love and so many others.
Some are songs from the days when having a lyric book is how we could tell if you were cool or not. So I sung out loud like I was auditioning to appear in the movie.
The movie starts off with Taylor (Hannah Arterton) who while on holiday fell in love with Raf (Giulio Berruti). When the holiday comes to an end, Raf pleads with her to stay but even if she wanted to, Taylor leaves to go to university. Three years later she returns invited by her sister Maddie (Annabel Scholey) ahead of her wedding and guess who is the groom-to-be? Raf, of course. Even though Taylor is acting like she has moved on, there is clearly chemistry between then. The numerous awkward moments confirm it but she refuses to tell her sister and continues to play happy maid of honour. The end might be obvious but that is not the catch about this movie, it is the music and dancing that is. I plan on watching it again and then I will sing and dance along.


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