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Will ellah bring the money home?


Sqoop: Ugandan Big Brother hotshots housemate Esther Akankwatsa was evicted after two weeks in the house. Musician Bebe Cool predicted that Esther would be out of the house and also rallied the country to vote her out. Ellah now remains in the house, is she money material?

Andre Andie: I don’t think so coz it’s our fellow nationmates who want our participants voted out.
I really pity Bebe fool.

Kato Nicholas: Our big size Bebe is as clever as octopus.

Kansiime Simon: What will she do for me after? Let her fight for herself!

Milly Mimi: Bebe yasinga

Charlie Trixibell: Esther, at least you tried. Ellah, we wish you the Best, and as for BEBE, give us your Ug cranes vs Ghana predictions.

Sshone Mercedess: Hahaha nze I am Ugandan

Maxus Robert: May be that Bebe fool dated her and she refused him, you know he likes fighting for women.

Beatrice Muyama: She was so cheap n fake she deserved it.

Owori Lawrence: Ellah,nooooooooooooooooo….

Gimogoyi David: Bebe fool will also soon fall out from the music industry.

Ezekiel Opolot: BEBE is a big boy! He never dated this chick, he just saw defeat come against her.

Dan Lucas Fitzben: Esther isn’t groomed, she had the worst manners in the house. Ella you rock

Mweru Thiong’o Anslem: Whatever trash you say against Bebe will show no change, instead BigSize will be consistently the great EXTRA LARGE…..

Martin Kusiima: Please be Ugandan, Ugandans!

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