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Date with a celeb : Hanging with MC Kats

MC Kats (left) and his fan Richard Mwesigwa. PHOTO BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWELucky fellow: MC Kats has presided over countless events and he is NTV’s Xposed show presenter. He meets his fan, 24-year-old Richard Mwesigwa, a Mubs student.

Hi Kats. When did you start emceeing?
I started emceeing in 2000, while in S.3 at Busoga College Mwiri.

How did it all begin?
We always had several school shows we participated in and there was this show we went to but there was no one to emcee, so I decided to take on the task and I was so impressive and never looked back since then. I wasn’t paid on most occasions when I had just started because I wanted to first make a name before making money and in the end it worked out.

What has been you highest payment at a single show?
The highest amount is Shs1.5m but I have done countless shows.

Among the ceremonies you’ve presided over, what has been the most interesting one?
Every event is special in its own way. Some have good audiences, others have awesome acts, and others pay a lot of money, so I can’t point out the most interesting one. They are all special.

How do you get prepared for a show?
I basically study what kind of audience I’m going to face, I get to know what kind of words please or annoy them, what they expect and the main reason for the function.

Are you dating Fille?
Hahaha. We are best of friends. We argue, fight, but we are happy most of the time. We agree on certain issues, disagree on others and we are partners. Our friendship keeps us going.

Can you tell me about your TV journey?
I joined WBS TV in the early 2000s through an emceeing gig that MC Mosh called me to do and then I started working at Teens Club. I was there for a couple of years before I left and concentrated on my other stuff. I joined NTV when the former head of production at WBS, Michael Shimoli, joined NTV so we decided to build a TV programme that had never been there before, thus coming up with Xposed, which is still airing up to now.

How does it feel being one of the best emcees and TV presenters in Uganda?
I wouldn’t say I’m the best, but I feel good doing what I do best and what I love. I like it when people are happy and enjoying what I present to them.

Before embarking on serious emceeing, what were you doing?
I was in school, but I was also a dancer and singer in a church choir called Oils Of Gladness at KPC.
What qualities should a good emcee have to survive in this industry?
Never look at pleasing your boss, only please the audience because at the end of the day, they are the ones to judge you. It’s better to make 500 people happy than impressing only one or two people.

It has often been rumoured that you have over 20 children. How many do you have in reality.
I have only five children.

If you are told to choose between TV and emceeing. What would you forego?
I can never quit emceeing because it made me who I am today. I don’t emcee to compete. I do it out of love and besides it pays my bills.

Any message for people who would like to be like you one day?
You can never be me, but you can be someone in your God given ways. I didn’t know I would be here but it’s all because of God and my skills.



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