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The track : Something on my life – Juliana kanyomozi ft Ganda boys

When one listens to Juliana’s music, one thing they expect is satisfaction. The songbird has mastered the art of making music lovers enjoy her music no matter what genre, language or even tempo, as long as it is adorned by her sweet vocals. Following the death of her son, Juliana has been off the scene. Her latest single Something on my life is a manifestation of the strength of a woman. On this track she teams up with UK-based Ugandan musicians Ganda boys, formerly known as Da twinz. This is a slow song with an orchestra instrumental, the violin dominating the play, so throughout the song one is expected to listen to the lyrics and delve deep into the message. She tells a story of her life and how she goes through the hardships. She gives listeners tips on how they can triumph, “…I do my best to listen, keep my own mind strong but I feel the heart intensely and I don’t know right for wrong…”. The Ganda boys make the background vocals in this song and they seem to be the pillars on which she gains courage to sing the next verse, which is an amazing fusion. This song gives both pleasure and an intense message.

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