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The track : Breaking Free – Ekky


Uganda’s Afro Pop is gradually getting on to many peoples’ play lists. Ekky’s latest track Breaking Free is just one of those songs. For those not familiar with Ekky, she is known for her first single Why Lie, released back in 2012. This track is off her upcoming album The African Love Story. One can easily interpret this song as a story of a relationship gone bad. She sings about leaving her lover at all costs, probably because she is fed up of his unreasonable behaviour.
One highlight of the song is that Ekky does not mention the title in the song, therefore it’s an abstract musical piece, which allows a listener to choose what they are breaking free from. Her wordplay in the song also gives various angles a listener can take on.
Right from the start of this track, the beats will get to the listener as the drums keep the song danceable. They are also cleverly accompanied by sounds of the keyboard acoustics and a flute rendering this fusion of vocals and instruments listening pleasure.
However the downside of this song is that it seems to target the uptown demographic since such music may appeal to only that group.

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