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Abryanz expands store

AbryanFor the last few weeks, rumours have been making the rounds about Abryanz Collections clothing store at Garden City closing shop. In an article on a news website, the writer compared Abryanz proprietor, Brian Ahumuza, to socialite Zari Hussein whose Garden City shop closed and the verdict was that Ahumuza had bitten a little more than he could swallow.

The writer asked, if Zari, with all her money, had failed to run two shops at Garden City, “what on earth was that boy Brian thinking?” However, over the weekend, Ahumuza and his team reopened the new expanded Abryanz Collection. The fully stocked store now occupies two shops, complete with a clients’ seating area.

Speaking to Sqoop earlier this week, Ahumuza explained that he chose to expand the store to fit his clients’ tastes and provide better services.
“There is more room for my clients to enjoy their shopping. I want to thank all our esteemed customers for their continuous loyalty and for not believing in the rumours that we are closing shop,” Ahumuza told us.

He was tightlipped about how much he invested, but we noted that he had employed Anatoli Furniture for the refurbishing works. Those that know Anatoli Furniture know that they are not your average roadside carpenters.


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