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the music video : Love by Yoyo


You will definitely love the high energy Yoyo puts in the My Love video. He uses passion and visual vitality to make up for what he may have lacked in well-choreographed dance sequences. It’s one of those videos that get you dancing, through its unconscious effects.
The white costumes communicate perfection, love, and purity of this one person Yoyo sings about. And the magic those girls in those pleated Spanish skirts bring to the video is worth viewing. The close-up shots of Yoyo and the video vixen, convey the emotions to fullness, and above all, enhance the believability and genuineness of Yoyo. Because of the close-up shots, one is able to notice the vigor that’s all written on Yoyo’s face, and the nervousness on the girl’s face, not forgetting her body tattoo.
Yoyo makes it a point to flaunt his well-built body, and thus connect with a wider audience of those obsessed with appearances.
Speaking of the colouring and lighting; much praise goes to the good white-balance, the effects though simple, show how simplicity can work visual wonders, especially when the backgrounds and the costumes all blend in with an unblemished artistry.
However, this video is not one without flaws. I find Yoyo’s accessories, uncalled for, and very basic. The chains were a complete no-go zone in this video. And those dark shades, just draw up illusions of sketched up appearances.
And for those who are interested in a storyline to keep you hooked, this video has none. Mute it, and you will have one hyper man jumping around, with a lady in yellow smiling sheepishly by his side, with her blonde weave. She just looked overtly misplaced, just like that Lilliputian of a man who danced by Yoyo’s side.

– Ian Ortega

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