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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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The music video :Go Down Low By Pallaso & Sheebah

Go down slowCall it anything, call it the visual narration of Team No Sleep or anything, but this video is the ultimate party time graphic anthem. I just can’t forget how it drew me from the pessimistic shells of my faultfinder eyes, and gave me this feel of wanting to pull off some of those ‘go-down low’ dance strokes.

From the first scene with Pallaso singing to himself as a truck driver, the hoots in the background from other annoyed drivers (of course, MC Kapale had to be one of those drivers) and Sheebah with her complaints, this video puts you in suspense. Above all, it pulls you into the storyline, makes one fall in love with the Team No Sleep madness, and the location that’s filled to capacity, not forgetting it’s crazy-gangster ready to party appeal.

So how does one music video make the most out of a single location? Because that’s what this video does. We don’t see any rotation from one scene to another, neither from day to evening. One would have visualised an outcome of monotony, but this video overrides that sphere. Savy Films proves you can milk out the best from a single location, by playing around with the décor and mastering the night time lighting, coupled with a massive display of energy and craziness. Yet the video has components of simplicity, going by the costumes, the only time Sheebah changes into a unique costume is when she adorns herself in that shimmering blue dress.

So I get one or two thoughts about this video; Sheebah and Pallaso made an agreement; “Let’s forget about the cameras and just enjoy ourselves in this video, and hopefully our enjoyment will rub off onto the viewers.” Your eyes can’t afford any sleep while watching this video.


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