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the movie : The Expendables 3


Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson, Kelsey Grammer, Ronda, Rousey, Jason Statham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li, Wesley Snipes
Director: Patrick Hughes
Genre: Action
Running time: 126 minutes
Now showing at: Cinema Magic, Naalya and Cineplex Cinema at The Hub

If you have any connection to someone with enough Mbs to download a movie, then you’ve probably watched Expendables 3 since a DVD version of the movie was leaked last month. But for you who love fine quality and wait patiently for movies to be watched as they meant to be, the Expendables are back in all their combat finery.
In this installment, we see the Expendables get some young blood, causing some tension in the group. This comes after Barney (Stallone) leads the group on a mission to stop a warlord. On the mission they run into Stonebanks (Gibson) who was among the people who started the Expendables. Barney is shocked to see Stonebanks alive since he shot him years ago, and thought he had killed him. Stonebanks had gone against the Expendables code and taken on a life of crime.
When the two butt heads, one of the Expendables gets hurt. A guilt-ridden Barney breaks up the group and turns to an old friend, Bonaparte (Grammer) who recruits new members to the Expendables. The new members include a former navy seal, a computer hacker, and a female nightclub bouncer with mad fighting skills. The old members don’t get along with the new ones, which is no surprise given the generational differences. But they have to get over their differences to take on Stonebanks and his gang.
Most of the people who have watched the movie find it less exciting than its predecessors, possibly because it has fewer scenes of guns blazing. However, its plot is deeper than the last one. But how many people really watch action movies for the plot?



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