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Date with a celeb : Rabadaba meets fan

Rabadaba (L) and Akandwanaho. PHOTO BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWEHUSTLING AND FLOWING: Rabadaba, real names Faisal Sseguya meets his fan Allan Akandanahwo, a business owner in Kansanga.

What is Rabadaba up to?
Rabadaba is still being Rabadaba! Pushing work, working on more music and more videos for his core fans. Making ends meet and pulling quick bucks here and there. You know how Kampala is! Hustling and flowing.

What record label are you signed to?
Right now I’m not signed to any record label and I’m not looking to be signed since it takes a lot. The label is supposed to do so much for you and in return expect the same from you yet on most occasions, one of the two sides doesn’t deliver, so a lot of thought has to be put into such decisions. As per now I’m flying solo but working with well-wishers like Face Studio, Kinetic Management Group, Deuces Entertainment Group and Buddies Productions among others.

We heard that you separated with your wife. How true is this rumour?
My Family is all good. Both my children are in London with their mother. Yes, a lot has been said about me and the mother of my children, but I consider that a private matter. That’s my business.

Previously, I used to see you wearing a red bandana especially on either your right or left leg and these days you no longer put it on. Were you putting across a certain message?
Hehehe! For starters I let it go because that was the old Rabadaba. The new me doesn’t need it because it was for attention purposes. It was a way of standing out from the crowd as an artiste who was starting out.
The message was simply symbolising “true blood”. I treasure friendship.

What’s the difference between Rabadaba and other ragga artistes?
Rabadaba stands out in his music, sense of style and knows the values of humanity. Some artistes think they are supernatural.

Is it true you and the Goodlyfe guys settled your differences?
Yes, that is 100 per cent true. It’s a cool breeze between us.

Should we expect any projects from you guys?
Well not to get any hopes up or to spill some news, I’m not going to answer that but you never know.
What’s your view about their differences with former manager Jeff Kiwanuka?
All I can say is it’s not my place to say anything there.

What else are you involved in apart from music?
I am part of an investment club called Yolo Investments Limited. We are a group of young hard working guys full of life and looking at a brighter future, investing in whatever we can here and there plus also other projects, you have to just watch the space.

What is Yolo and what exactly are you guys doing?
The meaning of Yolo is “You Only Live Once” so we are trying to make the most of our lives as a group of people who understand each other and know what we are doing and know where we are going.

The music industry is budding with new talents every day. What is your message towards them for attaining the success you got?
I do welcome new artistes because they come like a breath of fresh air. I was once a new artiste myself and I believe there is enough space for all of us to co-exist. If anyone wants to taste success they should just remain original. It’s not nice to hear someone singing like someone you have heard before or someone you know, so originality is key.

By the way, what does your name Rabadaba mean?
The meaning of Rabadaba is rubbing and dubbing whatever it is you want to enjoy, be it music, beats, food, drinks anything.

Thank you for this golden opportunity and wish you all the best in your endeavors.
Thank you too and keep supporting Rabadaba.


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