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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos



1.Wow, aren’t we just so Ugandan? A ka plane makes an emergency landing somewhere in Kiwawu on Mityana Road and people close their shops, and schools to go and do some maalo! Now what will those in Entebbe who see planes everyday do?

2.Sincerely, what hasn’t M7 done for dear Uganda? He sang for you in 2011, brought the eclipse to Pakwach, and he even brought a plane to Mityana. How much more do you want the government ebayambe?

3.Which resident of Kiwawu wasn’t excited to see the bazungu, more over American soldiers? Bambi they only see them in the movies, back in the kibanda, so wasn’t that a blessing in disguise for them?

4.Someone even told his son, “I won’t pay for your tour to Entebbe, the plane has come here, so you go and see the nyonyi…” Really! Is that what the curriculum says? That a crash landing can replace a tour to Entebbe Airport?

5.We have Heroes’ Day, NRM Day, simanyi Labour Day, and even Women’s Day. Shouldn’t the Mityana MP propose the Mityana Plane Day as another public holiday? I’m sure he would be assured of retaining his seat in 2016.

6.Is it true that bars and even pork joints have been set up near the plane, mbu to show the Americans, a true taste of Ugandan hospitality! Isn’t Eddy Kenzo’s hypothesis of Sitya Loss being put to test? Kasita they are making money.

7.Mbu even the Uganda Tourism Board is planning to put up a commemoration stone in Kiwawu, where families of the witnesses will go every July 19, to take selfies and tell their different “mama nyabo” tales of how they saw the plane landing.

8.Just asking, did the police apply the kawunyemu machine on the pilot too, like they like to do to taxi drivers? How can a pilot really land a plane in the middle of a highway?

9.Shouldn’t Civil Aviation Authority call for the construction of fuel stations and toilets in the air where those planes can go for refills, to avoid these emergency landings?

10. Don’t you think it would be exciting if we witnessed more of such live movies, this time somewhere in Busoga??


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