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Ekitone means God given talent in English. In her new song Ekitone, Desire assures her critics that her fans are not only attracted to her because of her body but also her musical talents. She deserves to brag, afterall she had a good concert at the Kampala Serena Hotel last month.
But as the song progresses, we learn that the talent she is singing about is how a great lover she is. In her first verse, she sings of how she is blessed with gifts and talents and that she is willing to exhaust them to her lover in return for his unending love. At the end of each of the three verses she stresses a specific message. She sings of the qualities she desires in a man – someone handsome and strong, a man who can hold her hand.
In her second verse she sings of how she shouldn’t be compared with other girls and lastly reminds her lover that she is a jewel greater than gold, diamond and everything else he was looking for. Obviously accompanied by her usual Afrobeat tempo, this song is one that should make one’s kwanjula’s playlist and will also get Desire performance gigs at weddings.

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