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The track: Gwe Yaliwo-Akay & Bakri

We might as well confirm that Akay (formerly known as Ak 47) and Bakri are now a duo as they have so far released two songs in a space of just weeks. After Tondabisa, their latest is Gwe Yaliwo, a story of a girl who withstood hard and troubling times with her lover.
The topic of choice is a common story among our musicians,  but the highlight of this song is the talent each of these artistes throws to it. Akay gives the song a well-balanced ragga and Ugandan kidandali feeling while Bakri gives it his Rn’B and ragga style, allowing this song to attract not only the “local” audience but also the urban crowd.
This song is actually better and more danceable than their first song Tondabisa. The beats that are in sync with the lyrics surely give listening pleasure as a critical listener will always wait for Bakri’s catchy phrase, “…..girlfriend it was you..” which he repeats twice in the chorus while Akay does justice to the intro and conclusion of the song with his vocal gesture of the word “yeah.”

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