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The track : Ahh Ahh Ahh – Atlas ft Chameleone


A few years ago, Atlas joined the hip pop game, with a lot of promise and he was dubbed Uganda’ s Jay-Z judging from his flow. But he hasn’t kept up the stakes, since he has been off the scene especially after his chart topping collaboration, Movie Star, with Chameleone and Ak47 in 2011. This time round with only Chameleone, he is back with his latest track, Ahh Ahh Ahh.

At first listen, one will consider this a lazy song because of the slow tempo, but in their lies its strength as even a drunk fan can hum along to the chorus. This song is a quality production, with a pounding beat played more in the chorus sang by Chameleone in his rather coarse voice, so that the listener can pick lines in Altas’ lyrics in the verses.

Atlas mostly sings about VIP status and the life every hip pop wannabe will bubble about in their lyrics. This comes as no surprise since his music targets the urban crowd that has probably have lived life on a silver plate.

“Champagne flowing like water, go ahead and order,” Atlas sings in his first verse, which is only a dream for many party animals. Apart from targeting a very narrow audience with the little lyrical content, this song gives one listening pleasure because of the two musical titans on it.

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