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the music video : Tondabisa – Akay and Bakri


Sometimes prophecies go wrong, and this is another video whose prophecy went wrong. I had suspected a club set-up for this club-banger of sorts that is the audio, but I was terribly wrong. The video director thought otherwise.

Thinking otherwise however, should be worth the watch, but this video is none of those. It’s one of those videos that’s out to deter every stride that the music industry tries to make when it comes to music videos.

First of all, what’s the use of having Akay and Bakri seated on a table outdoors with golden and diamond accessories as food on the table? Why the monotony in costumes? How come the storyline is not clear? Yes, I can see it’s about a girl who has moved on and a dude trying to get back a chance that went by, but is that all? Couldn’t it have been clearer and more remarkable and memorable?

Then the multiple screen cuts didn’t make any sense. They just evoke feelings of amateurism. It’s a very big disappointment from the 18 and Over’ video quality and standard that Bakri is known for. Advancements are made forwards not backwards. It could be a lie if I promised that the video is worth watching. Perhaps if it had some choreographed dances to make up for the whole boredom. But it didn’t.

Tondabisa is a total visual failure on all fronts right from the location, the shadowy colouring and lighting and the camera angles. It’s one of those videos that will send you shouting; “Our money, our time…” The video deserves to be re-shot. It’s a visual miscarriage. May be the audience in Juba could appreciate it, but definitely, not a Ugandan audience. The video denied the audio justice that it deserved.


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