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the music video : Sikyetaga – Toniks ft Desire Luzinda

videoJust as this video was about to pass off for another of those many Ugandan music videos (which actually it is), there came a killer moment. It is that moment when Desire Luzinda gets into the bathtub with all her clothes. So, I am there watching and asking myself, “What’s this supposed to mean?” What was the actual point of this part in the video? Perhaps, let’s say Desire was so annoyed that she decided to drown herself. And like the concerned guy he is, Toniks rushes to prevent his loved one from drowning. Talk of drama, this part was dramatic; it just gave the video a unique viewer remembrance.
The other commendable bits are the lighting and colouring, every Ugandan video has mastered that, but then, can’t we surpass that? At least Desire’s hot denim shorts do the magic in accentuating her assets, but Toniks’ costumes? His are every predictable, repeatable and devoid of a star-image.
I expected Toniks and Desire to go beyond the usual storyline of a couple in a house, all arguing, and swearing, only to reunite in the end. We need a twist to the whole story-telling when it comes to such.
The location is definitely an over-used concept. Desire lying on the bed, Toniks trying to ask for forgiveness as she rejects him, is all over-used.  And should I say, Toniks (the man in this relationship) actually had more make-up than Desire. You couldn’t tell the man and woman apart, Toniks came off as so soft a man to play the role of a bad-boy over whom a woman would shed tears. That’s just a huge incongruence in this video, perhaps another couple should have acted out the scenes.



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