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The music video : Leo Ni Leo – Coco Finger

Coco fingerYou’ve got to give it up to Coco Finger when it comes to amazing display of energy in all his music videos. And in Leo Ni Leo, he does just that. He brings in full effort and engagement, delivering a great visual performance and display of artistry when it comes to his dancing talent. Coco Finger has this passion that bounces off him in his music videos and gets transferred to the viewer. This is a music video that won’t leave a viewer seated; it simply gets you on your two legs to try out some of the dance strokes.

Speaking of dance strokes, we have something Ugandan to talk about at the end of the day. There is a fusion of traditional Ugandan dances, modified to keep up with the pace of modernity. The eyes just can’t ignore the Ugandan ladies shaking off their stress in a side-twerk of sorts. We have the famous Adungu music instrument making the rounds in the video, a sub-communication of the ‘traditional’ aspect of this whole music video.

The costumes and make-up; the African body paintings, the dress attires of the patterned clothing a.k.a. ‘lesus’ all do the magic coupled with the mystery brought on by the dark Ninja costumes. Leo Ni Leo has a massive showcase of originality and this is proof enough that the makers of the video put some thought into generating the concept of the music video.

However, there are a few disappointments. For example, I don’t understand why they didn’t choose to go completely African. The reddish dress of that girl whose face was hidden was way too local for a music video. The lighting was also averagely done and the cloudiness was a bit too much.


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