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the dvd : Tron Legacy

If you are a science fiction freak, then just go right ahead and watch this. The acting is average. But the visual effects and the story make it a nice watch about Flynn (Garett Hedlund), a son of a virtual world designer, Kevin (Jeff Bridges), who disappears and leaves Flynn depressed. When he is older, Flynn goes to his father’s workshop and unintentionally presses something that takes him to a digital world that his father created. That would be a good thing if only there hadn’t been a coup that left Kevin at a disadvantage with support from only Quorra (Olivia Wilde). Quorra is a sweet girl that has been locked up in the digital world all her life. She wonders what the sun looks like and asks Flynn to describe it for her. How would you describe the sun? Flynn says it is round and radiant. That pretty much sums it, right?
Flynn wants his father to go back to earth and Quorra too, so he decides to attack Clu (Garret Hedlund) his father’s creation and the man behind the coup head on. This is against his father’s strategy of waiting for the opponent to attack. Will it work? Will Quorra get to see the sun for herself?


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