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Four One One

Men should just be men

For a while now, I have wondered what prompts a normal guy to visit a ladies’ salon and patiently bear with everything that happens in there.
I don’t know about you but it startles me to see a guy with retouched hair bearing in mind all the processes that come with maintaining it.
No wonder this couple shocked me the other day. The pair walked in hand in hand and made their way to the reception. After which, they both sat at the sinks to have their hair washed.

As if this was not funny enough, in the mix, the chick asked the hair dresser if she could do her hair with a product that cost less than what the guy was using because she was working on a tight budget. “Is it possible for me to use treatment that costs Shs15,000 so that I can do my nails at  Shs5,000 because I only have Shs20,000?,” she bargained. Now I wondered if both of them knew how ridiculous this looked.  Meanwhile the guy was boldly at the sink ordering the other hair dresser to scratch his scalp harder because it itched like a problem. Okay for starters, What’s with this whole fuss about guys trying to be like chicks and claiming it’s normal?

Then I do not understand how a babe can choose to date a guy who does things in the same manner as she does. Wonders shall never end indeed.
I mean, if the guy did not have to retouch his hair, and treat it like her, she would probably have had enough money to spend on her while the guy opted for a simple haircut and used the rest of his time to do other constructive stuff as opposed to attending to the nitty gritties of his hair.

A guy spending time at the salon plaiting his hair or doing all the things that chicks do is a sign of being unserious, if you asked me. Just imagine what goes on in a normal guy’s brain on a good day. How to make more money, fend for his family, to some, how to ensure his game is up at work, social life, emotional life etc and then another has those extra hours to grow his hair and make it look neat as if he would die if he just stuck to being a man?

Anyways, in the end the babe could not get her nails done because duh… which salon fixes both toe and finger nails at Shs5,000?
So as she walked out with the tail between her legs the dude followed her with wavy curls on his head, and I thought to myself, what a sight? Gross, if you asked me!

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