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Date with a celeb :Hellen Lukoma meets fan

Lukoma and Angel at House of Lukoma. PHOTO BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWEShe’s an actress in NTV’s drama series The Hostel, a singer, businesswoman, and a model. She meets her fan Angel Nakabugo, a Makerere University student.

You have a nice boutique (House of Lukoma), how is business?
Business is nice but challenging. I’m learning a lot by the day.

It looks good, how much money did you invest?
Quite a lot, I can’t mention figures.

Do you still do music?
Yes, of course. Music has always been part of me. I’m in studio doing a few projects.

Have you always had a passion for fashion?
Since childhood, I used to design my dolls, and when I was a dancer, I used to design my outfits.

Tell me about your musical journey?
I have been a performing artiste since my teenage days, having started out in Obsessions. I then moved on to HB Toxic before I became a solo artiste.

What happened to HB Toxic?
Nothing happened to HB Toxic. We are friends with my former partner Brenda (Nambi), but we now have different ambitions and I believe we are grown. The things we used to do back then, we can’t do now.

How is Brenda Nambi?
She’s okay, we are in contact, though not so much but she’s working hard.

Why do you think girl groups disband so easily in Uganda?
I think they don’t have focus, poor management and are so money-minded.

How many songs do you have as a solo artiste?
I have six songs; Saminamina, Butterfly Dance, Endongo among others.  The latest one is called No One, which I did at Swangz Avenue. I’m shooting the video soon.

What challenges do you face in the fashion industry?
China has done good work in duplicating things, so those of us who bring genuine products are at a disadvantage since Chinese products are cheap. Also, it takes quite a while to get merchandise into the country.

Are you seeing anyone?
Someone is seeing me. He’s my superman.

How was the experience acting in The Hostel?
The best experience ever. It’s an amazing opportunity that gave me a platform in the acting industry. You can’t believe, but I have fans as far as Nigeria.

Why don’t you take acting as a full time career?
Actually, I take acting as one of my full time careers and that is precisely why I had given music a break. Already, the music industry has grown but the film industry is just heading there, so I want to be one of the pioneers of the industry.
Besides The Hostel, what other TV series or movies have you been part of?
I have acted in  a few movies, which are yet to be released.

You are involved in  so many things. How do you juggle music, acting, modelling and business?
I basically give time to everything I do because I love and believe in all of them.

Tell me about your family?
I come from a family of six, of which I’m the last born. My parents are  Mr and Mrs Lukoma. That is all I can tell you.

And your educational background?
I went to Shimoni Demonstration School for primary, Lubiri Secondary School for O-Level and Aga Khan for A-Level. I then went to Mubs and graduated with a Bachelors in International Business in 2011.

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