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Brenda Banura
Like expected of a science fiction flick, this movie is berserk. The thought that it might actually come true many years to come when tech freaks go crazy sends a chill through my body. The movie is about surrogates but not as we normally know or use them.

These surrogates house other people’s minds and souls that have been digitalised. It’s kinda confusing. What happens is that if the original person is approaching old age, they acquire another body, a young person can also get a surrogate to escape the realities of life.

The new form they take is of a robot surrogate that is immune to all the things humanity is faced with. That is what they believe until Jarid Canter (Shane Dzicek), the son of Dr Lionel Canter (James Cromwell), the inventor and father of all surrogates is killed by a machine that has the potential to kill any surrogate.

FBI agent Tom Greer (Bruce Willis)‘s hunt for the deadly machine ends up in the land of humans where the machine is hidden. When it gets out, it’s trouble and more trouble. Canter decides to avenge his son’s death by failing the system. Millions of surrogates die at the same time in so many countries in all sorts of weird postures. It’s so bad. And yet no one knows if they will be resurrected or not. This is an interesting but weird watch.

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