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Date with a celeb: Producer Nash Wonder meets fan

Nash Wonder (L) and Mukasa in Monster Studios. PHOTO BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWEHe’s behind many of chart topping songs local songs currently and he is one of the most sought after producers of the moment. Nash Wonder of Monster Studios meets fan, , a clearing and forwarding agent in Kampala.

For how long have you been doing music production?
I have been producing for three years now.

Why has it been easy for you to break through in such a short time as compared to other producers?
I have been so aggressive, I have done enough research and I am a perfectionist. I am also diverse.

How different is Monster Studios from others?
It’s a care free studio where we welcome everyone in their capacity and we also have professional machines.

We recently heard that you have beef with Khalifah Aganaga and that he even recently moved to another studio. Shed more light on that?
I don’t have beef with anyone but it so happens that in this business, some people use others as a stepping stone to get to the top. Khalifah is like a son to me. I have worked with him before and I’ll keep working with him.

What are your real names and where do you come from?
I’m called Enock Kubeerwa and I come from, Manafwa District. I’m proud to represent all the Bagisu people out there.

What future plans do you have as a person?
I opened a record label called Wonder Blaze Entertainment, in which I sign artistes and so far I have Anita the Diva of Zero Distance and Yoyo.

How many artists have you worked with so far?
So many but among the notable ones are Goodlyfe, Sheeba, Ziza Bafana, Khalifa Aganaga, Anita the Diva, Eddy Kenzo and Yoyo among others.

What was the first song you ever produced?
Mbalaba Bulabi by Rooden Y.

What is your favorite gadget?
My Samsung Galaxy S4 phone is my favourite, not forgetting my Peugeot car. I love elegant stuff.

Did you study production?
No I didn’t. Infact in 2010, I graduated with a degree in Mass Communication from Makerere University, but production is what I wanted from childhood.

What is your marital status?
I’m not married but I live with my five-year-old son called Amazing Ryan and his mum Josephine Amuge.

Most producers end up singing as well. Do we see you taking that route any time soon as well?
Not me. I decided to produce and that’s what I’m committed to doing. I have to help others succeed.

Why did you name the studio “Monster”?
I just wanted to be unique. I wanted something frightening and at the same time catchy.

What is that one challenge you are facing at Monster studios?
My main problem is artistes who want free things. They come, record and promise to pay later and end up not paying at all.

How much do you charge for a song at Monster studios?
For upcoming artistes, I charge Shs600,000 per song and those who are already established, we charge between Shs1.5m and Shs2m.

What are some of the hit songs you’ve produced?
They are so many but the notable oneces include Hellena by Goodlyfe and David Lutalo, Ice cream by Sheeba, Gyayo Ntekeyo by Ziza Bafana, Ndabilawa and Oyitangayo by Khalifa Aganaga, Ekyama by Goodlyfe, Zero Distance and others.

– Isaac Ssejjombwe

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