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Washington signed as Dueces in-house producer

WashingtonThe last we had about him in the tabloids was that music producer Washingston was behind bars in Dubai over a botched deal to con a businessman that was hatched by singer Leila Kayondo’s South African based lover S.K. Mbuga. Well, it turned out to be just that – rumours and Washington is in Kampala. What had taken him to Dubai were some music projects with Leila Kayondo – of course bankrolled by the moneyed Mbuga.

The latest is that Washington who has been a freelance producer, working closely with Goodlyfe Crew after having parted ways with Bebe Cool now has an official address as he has been taken on as an inhouse producer at Deuces Entertainment Group (DEG)’s new studio.
“I’m proud to join the DEG team and I believe this is an opportunity for me to grow more as a producer,” he told Sqoop.
DEG also runs the Deuces bar in Kansanga that was previously Al’s Bar. Washington has a theme night at the bar every Wednesday and he said he will continue to host the night.
“The purpose of the night is to promote young talent and I will continue doing that,” he added.

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