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Hustler :Emma Saleh

Saleh is into sspare parts.  PHOTO BY I. SSEJJOMBWEWhat’s the name of your business?
Emma’s Spare Parts Shop.

When did you start this business?
On February 27, 2013.

How much did you invest in it?
I invested Shs2m.

What is the business worth now?
It’s worth about Shs7m.

What do you sell at Emma’s Spare Parts Shop?
I sell Toyota spare parts like tyres, break pads, shock absorbers, hydraulic oil and so much more.

How much do you sell these things?
Break pads go for Shs70,000, a litre of engine oil is sold at Shs12,000 and a litre of hydrolic goes for Shs15,000. I charge between Shs200,000 and Shs600,000 for shock absorbers.

What challenges do you face in this business?
Customers take things on credit and take long to pay. Original parts are so expensive yet clients want to get them at a cheap price. Also, there is a lot of duplication in the type of business I do.

What benefits have you gotten out of it?
I make a lot of profit, which has enabled me to start up a mobile money business within the vicinity of my business. It has also been a good learning experience as I’m exposed to almost all vehicle parts and I have made lots of friends through this business. I am also able to cater for myself and my family.

How much do you on a good and bad day?
I can make Shs400,000 on a good and Shs150,000 on a bad day.

Where is this business located?
It is located in Kyaliwajala, behind Mogas Petrol Station.

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