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Fashion tip : Tutu skirt

Tutu Bring out the ballerina in you

The best way to make a statement with your look is by pushing boundaries. Always strive to go for the bold and beyond the ordinary looks.
So let me introduce to you the tutu skirt. Well, you may think this ballet style skirt is one that can only be pulled off by your little girls, but no! This look has no age limit. You can pull it off, even if you are in your 20s but in a more mature way.

First and foremost, pair the tutu skirt with a toned down top, in order to let your skirt do the talking. Keep the top slim and well fitted, as the skirt already has great volume.
Choose your accessories basing on the length and volume of your tutu skirt. If it’s a micro mini one, then you could do with a pair of socks to create some decency.
Also go for chunky jewellery. Chunky bracelets, rings, and necklaces, should be the perfect match here.
You can also toughen up this vey girly skirt by wearing it with fabrics like leather or denim. Have your leather top tucked in, and then add a pair of ankle boots to match.
You could also try this skirt with spiked shoes, boots, or even a pair of cool all-star sneakers.

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