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The music video: Blue dress – Maurice Kirya

KiryaThe three minutes music video was shot by Razorwire Production in Nairobi Kenya, and directed by A. Macharia.
If you’ve heard of hypnotic visual seduction, then definitely the Blue Dress video does just that. The most amazing sight is the darkened blue background on which this amazing video vixen plays out some artistic moves that create the sensation and aura of charm, which Kirya sings about. Basically, on this same background, she stands on one leg, lifts the other up as her hair makes waves, evoking those emotions that will captivate any man and sedate them by the drug of her beauty.

Kirya nails it on the costumes, transitioning from a white shirt to a purple shirt as the storyline changes. And as expected, the video vixen shines through with the red lipstick and, of course, the blue dress. At the end of it all, everything is kept simple, no extra characters, just a couple of close-up shots of Kirya narrating his escapades with this hot girl in a blue dress.

Any viewer will enjoy Kirya’s energetic display of life in the video. There is this connection which he seamlessly creates with the viewer in all his videos. His presence is deeply felt, he executes the visual mission of any afro-soul artiste.
Although I am all for simplicity, I am not really convinced with the storyline, I find it so predictable, if it exists. Perhaps the whole notion of having a simple music video killed the storyline, in which case, the Blue Dress video doesn’t get full justice which Kirya is known to give most of his videos.

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