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Rapper Navio’s fiancée Matilda expecting

NavioLike we told all the ladies that read these pages, sorry; rapper Navio was taken several months ago by a one Matilda. Unlike other girls he had dated before, Navio is really inseparable with Matilda. The two have been seen in several hangouts and at concerts holding hands.

It is rumoured that Navio visited her parents a few months ago, although he did it discreetly. However, Navio and Matilda can not hide the fruits of their thriving romance.
The two turned up for singer Leila’s birthday at Guvnor holding hands as usual. This time round, Matilda spent most of the time seated. And when she stood up, every one congratulated Navio for the job well done. Matilda is with child and Navio will be a dad yet again in a few weeks.
Navio welcomed the congratulatory messages with a smile and he put his head on Matilda’s tummy as if to feel if the baby was kicking.

Our sources also reaffirmed that Navio and Matilda are preparing a lavish wedding later this year. Congs.

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