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Khalifa Aganaga attacked by Weasel

khalifaWhat started as mere song-stealing jibe just turned into a serious physical battle. A few months back, new boy on the block Khalifa Aganaga accused Good Lyfe singers Radio and Weasel of stealing the instrumental to his Ndabilawa hit to come up with their chart buster Amaaso.
The Good Lyfe singers did not comment about Aganaga’s accusations but seems they didn’t ignore them.  And as fate always has its way; Aganaga together with his DJ (Focus) and bouncer allegedly met Weasel in a corridor at Casablanca bar on Sunday.

“There was a verbal exchange, before Weasel claimed Aganaga and his boys had stolen his phone,” said a source who was at the scene.
“In the process, Aganaga’s two friends came forward and shielded their boss from Weasel who was holding a big bottle. There was a physical fight but Aganaga escaped before he could get hurt,” the source added.

It is alleged that by the time Aganaga rushed to report the case to Kiira Road Police station, he found that Good Lyfe had already lodged a case of loss of property. Aganaga then rushed to Central Police Station but he was referred back to Kiira Road Police station where he was instead held briefly before he was released to go to hospital.

Aganaga’s manager Emma Mulondo said he had called Good Lyfe managers Jeff and Allan Kiwanuka to meet and settle things amicably. “They told me they would get back to me!” Singer Radio on the other hand told us the allegations of beating up Aganaga were absolute rubbish. “Come on, we are busy making peace with our enemies; why would we fight with a young musician who is not even yet sure of what he wants? People are just trying to make news using our name.”

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