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Colorful suits are trendy Step out colourfully

It’s no secret that most men love to stick to the darker colours when it comes to their clothing.  It’s not every day that you find a man wearing a coloured item. However, the one trend that is steadily catching up, that needs to be on every fashion conscious man’s to-do list this year is the coloured suit.

Who says your suit has to be black or grey? You can have on a white, blue, red, and even green suit, all depending on how you carefully choose the colours. Ensure that whichever colour you opt for blends well with your skin complexion and tone.

For some one that is trying on the trend for the first time, start with the less alarming colours. Do not go for bright colours like yellow, or lime green. Instead, you can try on a red suit. Then you have an option of whether to go all formal with the dress shir, and tie, or keep it casual with an undershirt, and a few accessories like chains.

Alternatively, you could try on a sky blue suit. To complement this, add on a white dress shirt, and cute pair of slippers. The key here is to be playful with the suit, so don’t limit yourself, especially with the accessories.
Keep in mind though, that the suit should be well tailored, to be perfectly fitting. Please do not try this trend with those ill-fitting baggy suits!

On the other hand though, if you are not the kind of guy that loves to take risks with their fashion style, then start with a coloured jacket, that is you can have on a black pair of pants paired with a coloured jacket. For instance, you can add a purple jacket onto your black pair of pants. That way, you are adding some colour to your suit, but just half way.

For the shoes, you can choose from the formal shoes, to the brogues and slippers. So go out and have fun with your suit.

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