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Date with a celeb:Nutty Neithan meets fan Arthur

Nutty Neithan (L) with his fan Arthur .  PHOTO BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWENot all good song writers make good artistes and not all good artistes make good producers but Nutty Naithan is good at all of them. He meets his fan Arthur Urdine, an upcoming song writer and artiste.

Hi Nutty, nice to finally meet you. So who is Nutty Naithan in brief?
Well, Nutty is an artiste who does ragga, reggae, a producer, song writer as well as a choreographer.

When do you get the time to do all of that?
If you notice, they all go hand in hand. I’m always writing in my free time and at studio, I’m either producing or singing. I gave choreography a break to concentrate more on the production and singing part of it.

Where do you come from?
My parents hail from Mbale which makes me a Mugisu.

What is your real name?
It’s kind of difficult but it goes like Neithan Wamawungo Mukhwana.

When did you start producing, singing and writing?
I started with song writing in 2011, and then followed it up with singing in 2012 and finally production in 2013.

What makes a good song writer?
You have to be observant, creative, musical and then focused.

Who is you best producer in Uganda?
Those I consider to be great are Emon, Fizzo, Hannz tactic, Lobster Pyraet and Aydee of Ngoni. These guys know what they are doing.

How many songs do you have as an artiste?
Many, but Ondaba, Kokonyo and Kyamisana are the most popular ones.

What is with the blue hair style?
I have an alter-ego called Subzero. That is basically how I want to brand myself because the style is unique.

Are you in a relationship?
No I’m not yet. But there is someone out there who caught my eye.

How have you so far managed to be where you are in the music industry?
It’s all about associating with the right people, working hard and knowing what you really want.

Everything in life has obstacles. What are some of the challenges you are facing in this business?
Getting airplay these days is a problem because most TV and radio stations ask for money to get your songs played.

What advice would you give an upcoming artiste who wants to be like you?
My advice is simple, make quality music and endeavour to socialise with the media because they are the only people to get you to the top.

Which female artiste would you like to work with?
Cindy, Lillian, Iryn Namubiru and the latest sensation Fille are the only female artistes I would love to work with.

Why did you choose the name Nutty Neithan for a stage name?
Nutty has several meanings. It can mean rasta, funny and brainless among others. I wanted a catchy name for everyone to remember and it sounds well, when attached to my real name Neithan.

Most of the time, your kind of music (ragga and reggae) is attributed to drugs and crimes. Do you do drugs?
I wish I did, but not yet. I’m still running it sober.

What are some of the songs you’ve written?
A lot. Empress’s upcoming album, Sheeba’s album, Young Mulo’s Give Me Some More, Roni Stamina’s Ensonga and  many others.

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