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The track: helena – Good Lyfe & David Lutalo

Radio and WeaselEven before you hear the song, just the knowledge that Radio and David Lutalo are pulling their efforts to a joint record, whets the appetite for anyone with main stream tastes. And it is important that after your appetite has been whetted thus, the duo does not then let your spirits slump with a performance unworthy of attention

So it is that they will not disappoint in this musical narration of a three-pronged attempt at getting the same girl, Helena. The vocal talents rise to the occasion on the song, with each singing their heart out, telling how much pain the affection for Helena has caused them. David Lutalo sings that even if you brought up snakes to poke at his toes, he will not let go of her.

Radio achieves infectious rhyme by starting each of the first so many sentences of his verse with the name Helena. Weasel, as he always does, comes in to give the vocal show a groovy feel, in a reminder of why his combinations with Radio have been as potent.
Credit is due to the brainpower behind the song’s execution, in everything from its production, choice of acts, the chorus’ layout, which relies on one word, Helena, to create rhythm. You hear this song, and you imagine a man out there in love with a Helena, and you know that it is more than music to the ears.

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