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The music video:Dilemma – Cindy, Mr g, Bobi wine

Truth be told, the audio is fantastic, but does the video give the song a worthy treatment? That’s questionable.
Well, to start with the good news about this music video, we can see the dilemma as Cindy tries to make a choice between the uptown Mr G and the Ghetto-bred, Bobi Wine. We can see Mr G in some upscale apartment while Bobi Wine spends his days on his sewing machine.

It’s a perfect story-line for a music video that involves a trio. The synchronisation is nailed, especially when Cindy does the chorus, there’s a match of the visuals with the audio. Of course, the location, which is at the Latif Designs house nails it for the Ghetto moment, especially for the house with the Rastafarian colours.
But that’s all that’s good about the music video. First of all, it’s boring to see that Mr G is ever static in the music videos he’s done with Bobi Wine. He gets himself so comfortable that you don’t feel much of his energy coming out. And this time round, clad in his blue and white attire, he sits in the couch as he proves to Cindy that he is an uptown dude.

Then, whereas, it’s a very wonderful storyline, the execution is clearly lacking. I don’t see the dilemma in this case. Honestly, no sane woman would find herself in a dilemma with a so-called uptown dude who doesn’t prove he’s uptown in the music video. At least, Bobi Wine sewed some clothes for Cindy, but there’s nothing uptown about Mr G.
Finally, it comes to a moment when the video gets a bit cloudy, blame the poor lighting, especially for the scenes shot at the Ghetto mansion. All in all, the video is a visual dilemma.

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