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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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The Music video :Helena – Good Lyfe & David Lutalo

Helena videoSpeaking of the top 10 music videos of 2013, Helena probably sits comfortably among the top five.  Shot in high definition from a village location, this video that rotates around Helena, a village belle that’s out of reach for many of the village boys aka Radio, Weasel and David Lutalo.

The set design of the location features mud and wattle-houses, a man in scruffy clothes drinking from a calabash plus women in the homestead weaving mats. Nothing could have brought out the village set-up like these features in Hellena.

The way every scene develops and manages to keep the viewer captivated is commendable. There is the football scene where David Lutalo is juggling the ball before he loses it, and it goes landing in Helena’s space.  Lutalo runs over in his shorts and he’s struck by Helena’s beauty that he forgets about the locally woven ball until his friends complain and are forced to carry him away. There’s an artistic sync, for example, the chorus breaks out as Lutalo is getting mugged by his friends.

Then we have Mowzey Radio, the guy who transports sugar canes on a bicycle. Helena was indeed a deceptive girl who was able to convince each party that they stood a chance of dating her. It’s lovely how her dress makes a wonderful twizzle owing to the winds. Radio’s sugarcandy mountain with Hellena ends with a super fall off his bicycle, a real epic moment in the video that showcases his acting abilities.

Shortly after, Weasel the boda boda rider appears, stops by to give Helena a ride only for the boda boda to fail to start.  Helena is about artistic camera movements. It’s a video that potrays Ugandan culture and nature yet doesn’t compromise on quality.

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