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The Music Video: Gyayo Ntekeyo – Ziza Bafana

Music Video

I was looking forward to this video, my predictions were, that it would have a concept close to AK 47’s Gyal A Bubble version with bikini clad girls gyrating their bodies, owing to the likely meaning of the song. But I think the script writer was another creative one, he gives it an intelligent concept that’s worth appreciating.

The Gyayo Ntekeyo video is about the energetic Ziza Bafana asking Amooti the comedian to make way, so he can also get to park his car. Ziza Bafana is spirited in his half-jeans and he brings life to the video, while Amooti gives it the comical touch that makes a viewer fall in love with it. You should have seen how he made the sign of the cross at the sight of this girl in a bikini. He resembled one of those puppies the girl was holding.

When it comes to the dance strokes, they are attractively devised (particularly the way the dancers play with their feet and legs), the bikini girls are smashing and they don’t get to cross the line to obscenity, they keep it simple and fun. The momentary pauses and rewinds in the video bring on a powerful effect, as they create suspense of sorts, and then break it with more charming visuals.

The rainbow colouring at the poolside is arresting, just like the enthused characters at the beach side. It all gives the video an embodiment of beats and life, which makes it a perfect representation of the audio.

However the night-lighting of this video is not very good as it covers out some of the video strokes. The video fails to maximise the locations as it strays from one location to another.

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