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The Movie: Title: Spying on Susanna

Movie Susanna

Starring: Fagil Mandy, Esther Jacum, Gerald Rutaro, Veronica Tindi, Godwin Otwoma, Charles Kabogoza and Debbie Bakuseka.

Director: Robert Nkambo
Genre: Comedy
Running time: 108 minutes
Now showing at Cineplex Cinema

It is not every day that you see a Ugandan movie at cinema in Uganda. Spying on Susanna becomes one of the unique movies that have made it to cinema and Cineplex’ Managing Director Marion Etyang says the movie will be showing for two weekends.

It is a comedy whose story is based on a middle-aged man Mose (played by Anthony Itwara), who is happy that his wife has finally got a job but he at the same time is worried about her closeness with her boss.

The boss Mike, played by Fagil Mandy, is a jovial easy-to-connect with chap. Concerned Mose cannot confront his woman but needs someone to share his qualms with, so he calls up his closest friend Max with whom he agrees to start spying on Susanna, thus the title.

It pops the question any movie goer will ask, just how far they will get in their pursuit for the truth on whether Susanna could be more than just an employee to her new boss.

One good distraction along the way is cash which they land on during one of their spying missions. The movie was written and directed by Robert Nkambo and all of the film was short in Uganda. The cast is full of familiar faces largely of comedians and artistes.

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