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The Music Video: Je T’Aime – Fille

Music Video

This video knits out nicely to the natural scenes, the greenery, the trees shedding their leaves and the rocky platform by the lake. From the look of things, it seems GoodEye Films set out for a viewer-friendly video that just evoked these feelings of love and relaxation at the same time. Fille’s green dress combines with the blue wavy waters in the background, while her other floral dress streamlines gracefully with the swaying trees in the background and creates a sensation of the autumn season. To borrow English Poet, John Keat’s words, the video is one of bounteous fecundity and mellow fruitfulness.

Like in most of her videos, Fille comes off with this innocent look, those bedroom eyes that could tempt you to think of her as an angel of sorts. I am particularly bribed by that awesome gap in her lower teeth, it just radiates love. And the only reason we are able to see this honeyed gap is because of the close-up shots that the video utilises. Fille comes off as an angelic-seductress in this video, someone who seduces you naturally, without having to strip. The location and lighting matches the theme of the song, portraying those feelings of tranquility and leading the viewer to calmness.

However, much as it’s a wonderful video, I think it over runs back and over, between the same spots which brings about a feeling of boredom for the impatient ones.

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