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The DVD: Vehicle 19


I was advised not to watch this movie because it is boring and is all “about chasing a car”. Yet when I watched it, it is that endless car chase that I liked the most – it is all there is to the movie anyway. In Vehicle 19, Micheal (Paul Walker) picks up a wrong car at the car rental and ends up caught up in a case much more complicated than he thought. The entire top police squad is on a hunt for him and will do anything to stop him from going to the court house to reveal a corruption network of the country’s top officials.

Angry with nothing to lose, Micheal decides to get involved in the deadly chase and for once do something good. The fact that he is on the road all the time and driving at a crazy speed makes this movie very intriguing. You can’t take your eyes off the screen. It defines action in motion which is how thrillers should be. I also like that Micheal thinks on his feet, it helps with the pace. And yet it is a low budget movie. Find this and watch it.

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