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The DVD: The People Next Door


Young, poor, jobless with three children, Anna (Nicollette Sheridan) decides to leave her abusive and violent husband to go fend for herself and the children in a place far from home. The gloom over her situation reduces when it turns out that her neighbours, a childless couple, are crazy about children and are willing to baby sit the children and feed them on all kinds of food that she can’t afford. This she welcomes given her night job. It is too good to be true and like many such things, there was a bad twist. The nice couple have been making plans to kidnap the children. But no one believes Anna when they kidnap the children. Not even her mother Ellen (Faye Dunaway) who thinks she gave up the children for a couple of bucks. She gets on a long journey to catch the couple who unknown to her are crooks with nothing to lose. This is an old movie that tells an ordinary story in a simple way that grips you effortlessly.

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