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The DVD: Laws of Attraction

Laws of Attraction

Movies like Fast and Furious are awesome because they are such a fantasy. When directors of some movies, especially romances try to spice up things by making couples hook up a little too quick than is the case in the real world, they become annoying. But then again when movies are too realistic like Laws of Attraction, they almost become boring.

This is your typical girl meets guy, girl pretends not to like the guy movie. The guy makes it clear that he likes her and is willing to play cat and mouse with her till he catches her. But obviously this tale that features Daniel (Pierce Brosnan) as the guy and Audrey (Julianne Moore) as the girl has a couple of interesting twists. The two are divorce lawyers who look like they have not learnt a thing from their experience. It has a good slice of humour thanks to the presence of Micheal Sheen who is Audrey’s client – most of the scenes he appears in are so hilarious. But even then, it is basic entertainment.

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