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The Movie: Kick ass 2

Kick Ass

Starring: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Chloë Grace Moretz and Jim Carrey
Director: Jeff Wadlow
Genre: Superhero
Running time: 103 minutes
Showing at: Cinema Magic, Naalya

If you are into superhero movies or simply in for some action with a touch of comedy then Kick Ass 2 will make your weekend. It is based on the comic book of the same title by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. it is the sequel to the 2010 movie Kick Ass.

If you did not watch the prequel the story is that Dave Lizewski is an ordinary teenager who lives in New York City. He buys a bodysuit to which he makes adjustments. He thereon embarks on a campaign to become a real-life superhero.

As he goes about his dream campaign he is unfortunately wounded, leaving him badly injured. He will need extensive rehabilitation. In the process of recovery, he gains a capacity to endure pain. In his absence from school, a rumour spreads that he is gay. As a result, his longtime crush, Katie Deauxma (Lyndsy Fonseca), immediately attempts to become his friend.

In the sequel Dave is bored after having retired from fighting. He has learnt some lessons and playing superhero has had him injured. This time he goes for real training with Mindy Macready to become a proper hero.

Meanwhile, one Chris D’Amico accidentally kills his mother, and now with control over his family’s money, reinvents himself as super villain the and swears vengeance on Kick-Ass.

Mindy’s guardian, Marcus, discovers she is still fighting crime and makes her promise to give it up. Dave’s girlfriend, Katie, has noticed Dave behaving strangely and breaks up with him, believing he is cheating on her with Mindy. A new character comes up calling themselves Ass kicker. Where will it all end? Go get geared up with some action as you laugh too.

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