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The DVD: Killing Season

Killing Season

This flick is not a horror but even then it is not pleasant to watch. There are so many scenes in which people are being tortured, they make it hard to watch. For example out of anger for coming after him, Benjamin Ford (Robert De Niro) hits Emil Kova? (John Travolta) so hard that he becomes unconscious. There after he gets a sharp metallic object from the woods, pierces his left cheek and pushes the metal till it goes through Kova?’s right cheek. As he wails in pain, Benjamin gets lukewarm water and mixes it with salt. Then he grabs Kova?’s chin and pours the mixture through wounds on either side of the cheek. And there are more such scenes.

It is a movie so that didn’t happen but it seems so real, I wonder how they make it so believable. And all these are effects of a war in which Kova? was shot by Benjamin but he didn’t die and decided to hunt for him and make him pay for his pain. It turns out differently. If you have the courage to stomach such scenes, then watch this. But you can also have fun imitating Kova?’s accent.

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