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The DVD: Bautiful dreamer


This is an old movie and this not only because of its setting but the time of production too. But that doesn’t take anything away from it – it is beautiful. The lead actress Claire Kelly (Brooke Langton) is such a dreamer. She is so hopeful. If everyone had even only half of her faith, there would hardly be any hopeless people in the world. But as if to give the movie a human touch, she gets to a point where she is about to give up only for her dream to come true.

This movie is a tale of newlyweds Claire and Joe (Colin Egglesfield) who are forced to separate when Joe is called to the battlefield. It is a conventional story told and disclosed with a lot of simplicity. This is what makes it so close to your heart because separation is something that can happen to any couple and it is easy to imagine how much it would hurt. Joe doesn’t make it back from the war and Claire is forced to find a new dream, a dream that she doesn’t want to pursue.

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